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Revolutionize traditional exercises by expanding freedom of motion while adding resistance to rotation

A New Way to Train

The Complete Upper Body Bar, CUBB, works by adding resistance bands on two fully independent bearing sets. This patented design allows the user the ability to work out muscles more efficiently and ergonomically. Resistance bands come in multiple strengths allowing the user to gradually increase resistance as they build strength. The independent bearing sets allow the user the option to supinate or pronate muscles individually.


No ordinary piece of workout equipment.

Join the resistance

Not just another workout bar.

Build More Muscle

Strengthen muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders, core, and back by recruiting more muscle groups in simple workouts.

Burn More Calories

The resistance in rotation movement is key to building more muscle which helps your body burn more calories.

Target Muscle Groups

Isolate your muscle groups with proper form in each exercise and add resistance in rotation.

Direct Therapy Application

Strengthening the supinator muscle helps prevent injuries such as tennis elbow, golfer elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Get the most out of every workout!

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Compact Design and Connectivity to Cable Machines.
Curl Bar

Curl Bar

Loadable Olympic Weight Sleeves that rotate.


Rackable with most standard power and bench press racks.

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C.U.B.B. - Fixed


The CUBB - Fixed is designed for the individual that wants to add freedom of motion and resistance in rotation to their complete upper body workout using Olympic weights. The two 8" long loadable Olympic sleeves dynamically rotate incorporating IGUS bearings. The CUBB - Fixed grip width is made to order and comes permanently assembled from the factory. Included with the CUBB - Fixed are two rotational resistance bands (light and medium strength).


Hear from our Community!
Gluck’s GymYouTuber

“This is a bar that has blown away my expectations and is well-engineered.”

Dan “The Nightmare” SchwarzProfessional Arm Wrestler

“When something works for us (arm wrestlers) we scream it from the top of the mountain. This needs to be in every arm wrestling training site and the gym needs one of these.”

Manolo SánchezFounder at PulseoTV

“The CUBB is the ideal piece of weight training equipment for any athlete but, more specifically professional arm wrestlers.”


You have questions, we have answers!

The C.U.B.B. (Complete Upper Body Bar) is a workout bar that adds freedom to motion and resistance to rotation through its two independent bearing sets and various levels of resistance bands. The C.U.B.B. can improve all your favorite upper body workout.

The purchase of the C.U.B.B – Modular includes two independent bearing sets, one standard middle bar, two Olympic plate bar sleeves, two inner resistance bands (green and red), and a cable machine attachment.

Workouts will be posted to our YouTube channel free of charge.

Some available attachments for the C.U.B.B – Modular are the extended middle bar, the extended Olympic sleeves (for racking in a bench), and higher tension resistance bands. Make sure to check out the store for the latest attachments that are compatible with your specific C.U.B.B.

The green and red resistance bands come with the C.U.B.B. – Modular. The green is our light workout band, and the red is our midrange workout band. Bands with varying degrees of tension are available in the store.

  1. Can I purchase more resistance bands for my C.U.B.B. if needed? Yes, extra or replacement bands can be purchased from our website.
  2. Can I use any resistance band with the C.U.B.B? No, our resistance band ends up using proprietary technology that will only work with the C.U.B.B product family.

Any standard Olympic plates can be used with the C.U.B.B – Modular or Fixed.

Yes, so far there are 4 different versions of the C.U.B.B. workout product line. The Modular, Fixed, Light, and Cable.

No, the C.U.B.B. can be used without the resistance bands because you are still getting the freedom of motion, similar to dumbbells.