About Us

The Team that started the resistance. Break away from traditional workout equipment. Make your workouts unique and yours with the CUBB.

From Inspiration to Innovation: The Story of Resistance in Rotation and the Complete Upper Body Bar (CUBB).

It all started when I was watching the animated movie Robots with my son. The key phrase “see a need, fill a need” stuck with me. Later, while working out with P90X, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling the resistance I needed during supination curls. This led me to research but I couldn’t find anything that provided resistance in the turn. That’s when I decided to create a workout device that could provide resistance in rotation and help prevent injuries.

During the design process, I realized that rotational resistance could benefit many different workouts, not just curls. I also wanted to create something that could easily change from supination to pronation at any grip point. This led me to my first prototype, the Complete Upper Body Bar (CUBB), which uses resistance bands to add resistance in the turn.

After conducting preliminary studies at Ball State University, we validated the need for a full study. The full study is ongoing and has shown that the CUBB demonstrates increased activation of pronator teres, supinator, anterior deltoid and pectoralis major compared to a barbell while performing bench press.
In 2022, we showcased prototypes of the CUBB family at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio, and the response was overwhelming. We decided to invest in American manufacturing and launched the CUBB Modular in November 2023. In 2024, we plan to release the CUBB Fixed, CUBB Light, and CUBB Cable to expand our product lineup.

Our mission at Resistance in Rotation is to continue to innovate and create products that help people achieve their fitness goals while preventing injuries.

Resistance Against Limitations

Resistance and rotation are an essential aspect of working out. Resistance creates difficulty, while rotation helps exercise different upper body muscles. The CUBB is a workout bar with a unique design that combines both resistance and rotation to give you an all-in-one workout experience.

The CUBB is not just another workout bar. It is a symbol of resistance against the limitations of traditional workout equipment. With the CUBB, you can expand your exercises beyond the standard and move towards a future of limitless potential.

The CUBB comes with resistance bands on two independent bearing sets. You can choose the perfect hand placement for your workout, which optimizes muscle recruitment and utilization. The resistance bands come in multiple tensions, allowing you to increase resistance gradually as you build strength. The independent bearing sets enable you to rotate your muscles individually, adding resistance to your upper body workouts.

You can customize your workouts with the CUBB to suit your needs. Whether you want to work out at home, the gym, or on the road – it’s always ready for you.