Resistance in Rotation

C.U.B.B. - Therapy Bar and Attachments


The CUBB - Therapy is designed for the individual that wants to add freedom of motion and resistance in rotation to their rehabilitation. The CUBB - Therapy is produced with hard anodized aluminum components, creating a lightweight and durable therapy tool. Coming in at approximately 12.lbs, the CUBB therapy is the lightest of the bars, designed for the rehabilitation patient. Its therapy band connections are ideal for AROM/strengthening phase of multiple post op and rehabilitative conditions affecting the upper extremities. Capable of progression to cable attachment, the bar can be utilized for advanced strengthening with heavier weights.

The CUBB - Therapy has been designed to be versatile with recovery and rehabilitation in mind.

The bar can be used conventionally, attached to a cable machine, or on the CUBB Therapy Station (sold separately). The attachments provide a completely new set of rehabilitation tools designed alongside medical professions and made with recovery in mind.

  • Cable Machine Attachment - Connect the CUBB Therapy to a cable machine to add more versatility to your rehabilitation
  • Rotation Resistance Bands (Yellow, Red, Green Therapy Bands and Light and Medium Exercise Bands)
  • Grip Attachments (2)
  • Forearm Attachments (2)
  • Door Knob Attachment
  • Key Attachment
  • Outside Resistance Bands (Light and Medium) -
  • Attachment Connecting Screws - Used to secure attachments quickly to CUBB Therapy Bar.
  • Outside Weight Savers - Gives the buyer the option to remove outside resistance band attachments to reduce the weight of the bar to approximately 11lbs

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