Resistance in Rotation

C.U.B.B. - Therapy Package Deal


The Therapy package comes with the CUBB - Therapy. The CUBB - Therapy is designed for the individual that wants to add freedom of motion and resistance in rotation to their rehabilitation.

The CUBB - Therapy Bar is produced with hard anodized aluminum components, creating a lightweight and durable therapy tool.

The CUBB Therapy Station is a docking station, designed alongside medical professionals, for the CUBB - Therapy Bar. The Therapy Station allows the user to raise and lower the height of the bar and to lock the bar in different orientations.

Included with the purchase are a light (green) and medium (red) strength rotational resistance bands, two outer resistance bands (light and medium strength), and a conventional cable machine attachment.

The Therapy package also includes all five of the quick install attachments and three therapy bands (yellow, red, and green).

  • CUBB Therapy Rotation Bar Attachment
  • CUBB Therapy Door Knob Attachment
  • CUBB Therapy Left Hand Grip Attachment
  • CUBB Therapy Right Hand Grip Attachment
  • CUBB Therapy Key Attachment

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