Resistance in Rotation

C.U.B.B. - Therapy Station


The CUBB Therapy Station is a docking station, designed alongside medical professionals, for the CUBB - Therapy Bar. The Therapy Station allows the user to raise and lower the height of the bar and to lock the bar in different orientations. Once position is set, the bar becomes fixed and virtually weightless allowing patients to focus on recovery and rehabilitation through resistance.

The Therapy Station height can be safely adjusted with minimal effort due to the use of bushings and a counter weight system. The quick connect/disconnect allows the user to remove the bar easily so it can be used conventionally, or with a cable machine quickly and easily. Since the Therapy Station features a lockable wheel base, it can be moved and positioned with ease.

*CUBB - Therapy Bar is sold separately and is not included with purchase of CUBB - Therapy Station.

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