Resistance in Rotation

C.U.B.B. - Cable


The C.U.B.B.  - Cable is designed for the individual that wants to add freedom of motion and resistance in rotation to their cable machine workout.  

The C.U.B.B. has been designed with rotating handles and the ability to incorporate resistance bands during rotation.  This patented concept is not only more ergonomic, but adds resistance during pronation and supination movements.  The advantages of doing this are detailed on the Clinical Research portion of the website:

The C.U.B.B. - Cable was designed to be robust enough to handle the rigors of repeated use on a cable machine while maintaining the light compact form of a cable attachment. Included with the purchase are two rotational resistance bands (light and medium strength) and cable machine attachment.

The C.U.B.B. is manufactured and assembled in the USA.  The Housing and Handle that make up the bearing set are 380 aluminum which has been Type III hard anodized to provide a protective surface for the bearing set.  The bearing set is machined to tight tolerances using diamond tooling to provide a smooth bearing surface.  The bearings used in the housing are IGUS iglide self-lubricating bearings which are made for industrial applications such as automotive wheel hubs and robots.  Through the use of these components and manufacturing process, the bearing set is not only smooth and quiet, but designed to last. 

The Middle Bar, and other components are all carbon steel with a high tensile strength which has a black oxide coating applied after machining. 

The green pivot pins are purposely designed out of a high durometer plastic that dynamically rotates with the elastic bands as they stretch.  Using plastic instead of steel limits the natural degradation that all resistance bands develop over time. 

The C.U.B.B. Cable weights approximately 13lbs at the standard 16” distance between handles. 

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